Anger Management Group Course

The Anger Management is a fantastic opportunity for children to be educated about themselves and for them to be given help to understand their own processes.

This is a small group course (maximum of 8 children), which can be delivered to children from Year 1 right through to and including Year 13. The course has been written for different year groups, in order to ensure that it is age appropriate.

Course Content

The course will enable participants to:

  • Understand what anger is 
  • Recognise how their body responds to anger
  • Understand what triggers their own anger
  • Learn effective strategies to both control and express their anger

Length of Course

For primary school children, the whole course is 8 hours, lending itself perfectly to one afternoon per week for four weeks or one hour a week (if there are two courses running) for eight weeks.

Secondary school children are given a ten hour course, which can be delivered either as two hours a week for five weeks or one hour a week for ten weeks (if there are two courses running). Mornings or afternoons are available, as suits the school timetable.