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Training for health professionals, those in the helping professions, teachers and the general public.

‘Working with the Voice of the Inner Critic’

This fascinating course will be helpful for all clients but particularly for those who are anxious, perfectionist, suicidal, self-injuring or those struggling with disordered eating. Learn about the 8 types of inner critic and add to your tool box with practical ways of working, including the BEING cycle, IFS, Voice Therapy and NLP.

Date & Location

Sunday 23rd June 2019: Brentwood, Essex
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‘Working with Self Injury’

Working with self-injury can often be challenging for counsellors. This day takes a look at the different types and functions of self-injury and the experience of the client, as well as attachment, dissociation, developmental considerations, risk assessment and the injury cycle. Includes creative ways of working to break the injury cycle.

Date & Location

Saturday 23rd November 2019: Brentwood, Essex
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