Play Therapy

Restore works with children and young people from the age of five using play based and creative approaches.

For some, we will use a child led play therapy model, where the child is able to explore their difficulties and overcome challenges through the use of play and metaphor.

Our therapy rooms are equipped with a range of creative materials which include paints, clay, sand, plastic figures and animals, puppets, games and craft items.

Another popular way of working is to allow the child free choice at the beginning and end of the session, with 'Focus Time' in the middle. Focus Time concentrates on exploring the child’s difficulties. It is an opportunity for your child to explore their thoughts and feelings, understand what is happening and to learn specific tools and strategies, where applicable, so that change is possible.


We usually talk to a parent/main carer first in order to gain a background picture of your child, their environment and their difficulties. We will then arrange for an initial assessment meeting where your child can meet the counsellor face to face, explore the therapy room and hear what therapy will be like. The therapist will also ask some background questions to the child. This session can be held with the child on their own or with their parent/main carer joining them for all or part of the session. After that, sessions are usually held with just the therapist and child although the parent/main carer is welcome to wait in a separate room in the building.

Sessions are for one hour per week unless it is felt that the child would benefit from a shorter session. As therapy progresses, sessions may occur more infrequently such as fortnightly instead of weekly.