Supervision with Jackie Barrett

Finding the right supervisor for you is incredibly important so that you feel supported in your client work and can also continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

For that reason, below is a brief explanation of how I work to help you initially decide whether I may be the right supervisor for you. Then if you think I might be, please get in touch and we can organise an initial meeting to discuss it further.

I hold a Level 5 Diploma in Supervision.

My way of working

In my own practice, I use the Waverley Model of counselling, which is based on a Christian worldview and believes that we have five areas of personal functioning (emotional, volitional, rational and spiritual, which is encapsulated within the physical area of functioning). Each area of personal functioning has a relationship and impact on the other. 

The Waverley Model is an integrative framework, whereby aspects of CBT, Psychodynamic therapy, Attachment theory, Gestalt therapy, Internal Family Systems, creative therapy and where appropriate, aspects of spiritual formation are incorporated. I see clients of any faith and who hold no faith. Working with aspects of faith is not assumed or automatic, but only as requested by the individual client. 

How this impacts my supervision work

I do not wish to make a clone of my supervisee according to my beliefs. Instead, I wish to create an environment where my supervisee can develop and grow in their own practice. I will make my beliefs and experience available to my supervisee (which includes the use of self disclosure where appropriate) as a resource to aid this but not use it as a driving force.

model used

Page and Wosket’s cyclical model is an integrative framework, with five main stages to it: Contract, Focus, Space, Bridge and Review. I use this model very much as a framework and like it for guiding me through the whole supervision process; enabling a good amount of time to really explore the client work.

My beliefs about supervision

I believe that the supervisory relationship plays a key role in enabling the supervisory process to be the best that it can be. I therefore desire to create a safe, supportive, honest and non-judgemental environment for my supervisee so that nothing which is needed to be brought into the room is held back. This relationship involves some collaboration and feedback from both parties as it is worked out and established.


Supervision costs £45 per hour. Concessions for students may be available so please ask.