“I cannot tell you how helpful and enlightening and precious our sessions have been. I feel that you’ve given me a real gift of knowing myself a little better and I do feel free-er and calmer as a result.

Coming to see you every week started off as an anchoring point in a storm and over time changed to being more like an excavation of an unknown place and both of these have been valuable and what I’d consider gifts from God, things provided when I most needed them. So thank you so much, as well as doing your job you’ve also been an instrument of God’s blessing.

You’re very skilled at what you do and I’ve always felt compassion and kindness coming from you… It’s made such a difference in creating a safe space to untangle things or try saying them out loud for the first time.”

“We found strategies to work things out together. It felt like someone cared and could help when I didn’t know what to do.”

“Thank you so very much for all your listening. Nobody has ever done that or wanted to try to understand me.”

“I feel I have reached a goal of knowing more of where I am going in life and am content with the future that I do not know.”